What is a Pilgrimage?

Below is a video which will tell you all about the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton Lourdes Pilgrimage. Please note that the video was filmed in a year when we did not have to deal with the CV-19 pandemic, and so captures beautiful footage of our service to Assisted Pilgrims and their service to us. Sadly in 2021 this will not be possible as the Assisted Pilgrims will be staying at home, but we will carry their prayers and intentions and will demonstrate that our pilgrimage is still
"Love in Action"!

For more videos and information about our pilgrimage to Lourdes, please click here to access our main website where you will find a beautiful video about Bernadette and her apparitions at the Grotto, and other videos that we are sure you will find interesting.

Please be aware though that larger gatherings will not happen in Lourdes this year, due to the ongoing CV-19 pandemic.